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Poetry — Viorica Hrincu
Illustrations — Melissa Soleski
Layout — Erica Wilk & Melissa Soleski
Published by Moniker Press
Edition of 150
Printed in Risograph

“As women, we’re told that it’s only acceptable to have hair on our heads, and literally nowhere else on our bodies.” — Viorica Hrincu

Poet and scientist Viorica Hrincu is bald. She was diagnosed with alopecia a less than a year ago. Alopecia only affects hair growth and is neither painful nor life-threatening. The poems in draw from Viorica’s experience, uncovering a sense of empowerment through loss. Combined with the delicate illustrations of Melissa Soleski, the publication not only deals with societal views on beauty, but also explores the inner and even biological connection between hair and identity.